Bicentenary of Don Bosco's birth 1815-2015


“We are approaching the bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth, which will be celebrated on August 16, 2015. It is a very special event for us, for all the Salesian Family, and for the whole Salesian Movement, which requires an intense and profound process of preparation, so that it may prove fruitful for all of us, for the Church, for the young, and for society.” Read More

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  1. Kenya – The Rector Major: “Valdocco is not only in Turin, it is here also”
    Kenya – The Rector Major: “Valdocco is not only in Turin, it is here also”

    (ANS – Nairobi) – It is said that the “best things are kept to the last.” This was true in the case of the Rector Majors’ visit to Kenya and Tanzania. Yesterday, 27th, the last day of Fr Angel’s visit to Kenya and Tanzania, he spent half a day at Don Bosco Boys Town, a technical school that educates needy youth of Kenya. There were also the students from Bosco Boys Kuwinda, a project for children in need and youth from the oratory of Don Bosco Youth Educational Service (DBYES).

    by Fr Sebastian Koladiyil, SDB

    The excitement was well manifested by the students of Boys’ Town, by the way they received the superior of the Salesians. As the team with the Rector Major drove in around 9.30 a.m., he was received by all those who came to be part of the event. In addition to their presence the scouts of Boys’ Town and the brass band of Bosco Boys displayed their talents. The Rector Major was installed as a Luo elder and ushered in by the boys accompanied by body guards. He was taken to the boarding section where the young people sat around him to listen as children would listen to their father. After a short welcome which included a cultural dance the Rector Major and his Secretary, Fr Horacio López, each planted a tree. As the time given was not much, Mass began immediately with a lot of singing and dancing. The Rector Major was touched by the singing and he repeatedly congratulated the students.  

    After the Mass and a short visit to the workshops, everyone was invited to the hall for a short cultural programme and some speeches. In his address to the youth he said, “Valdocco is not only in Turin, it is here also”.

    Then there was quite an elaborate photo session and later lunch for all. The Rector Major thanked the community for the wonderful way he was received. Later he went to Utume for a rest and for the concluding dinner and celebrations. There he had tea and photo session with the students of Theology. Later he gave them a talk and told them about the need to grow in maturity at this stage of formation.

    In his final words after dinner he told the Salesians gathered from various communities, “I go back convinced about the wonderful things God is doing in the province of AFE”. He added, “Looking at you, we are dreaming of a wonderful future for Africa.”

    Many photos of the visit are available on ANSFlickr.

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    • Syria - Stop War! Another young oratorian killed along with her cousin
      Syria - Stop War! Another young oratorian killed along with her cousin

      (ANS - Damascus) - During the war in Syria, the Salesians have repeatedly witnessed tragic killings of young people belonging to the Salesian oratories of Aleppo and Damascus. Two days ago. it happened again: Grace, a 21-year-old girl who was active at the oratory in Damascus, was killed by a mortar shot that struck the car in which she was traveling with her cousin Dina.

      When the Salesians were informed of the incident, they immediately went to find Grace's family at the hospital to support them. Grace's father appeared saddened but lucid, while his wife and sister Maria were suffering from shock and were hospitalized.

      The situation in general is full of sadness and despair. We continue to pray for an end to this war that has already devastated many young people in Syria, including many of our Salesian young people.  

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      • Belgium - The Salesian Network Welcomes Migrant Minors
        Belgium - The Salesian Network Welcomes Migrant Minors

        (ANS - Brussels) - Today thousands of young people migrate from their countries, fleeing from war and poverty. The Salesians in Belgium are mobilizing various forces to welcome them. What exactly is being done for  migrant minors in Salesian houses?

        For over a year, the Don Bosco Institute of Tournai has been hosting five young people. Professor Flore Dubois conducts a French course for foreigners: "The boys are attending courses in all subjects: French, Mathematics and Science, English, Religion, Physical Education, Drawing and Music. There is spirit of cooperation among them. If someone does not understand an exercise, another helps. The older ones are motivated by the desire for a job. For most of them, their priority is to be allowed to stay in Belgium when they are of age."

        Two hundred kilometres further east, at Remingtonamps, the Director of the Don Bosco School, Annie Michel, points out the difficulties encountered: "Our two classes are largely composed of Afghans and Syrians. It's not easy to handle their behaviour. I learned that children in their countries obey school rules, but from the age of 12 to 18, teachers are no longer involved. It is not easy for these young people to integrate into our rules. It seems to them a childish attitude. It is important to work hard on training, to integrate their code and avoid misunderstandings. Despite the difficulties, these young people have an amazing thirst for learning."

        A good example of the difficulties is given by Saïdi, a 14-year-old Afghan. He escaped from the Taliban in Kabul and was welcomed for 6 months at the Don Bosco work in Hornu. Initially he had difficulty accepting the rules and schedules and wanted to change the structure. But when he knew it would not be possible, he changed his attitude: "Now, this is my home."

        However, when he is 16, Saïdi will have to leave the centre in Hornu and, like so many others, will have to look for another "home" elsewhere. What will happen to him once a decision is made on his status as a refugee? Where will he carry his luggage?

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        • RMG - Message of the Rector Major on the situation in Venezuela
          RMG - Message of the Rector Major on the situation in Venezuela

          (ANS - Rome) - Faced with the delicate situation in Venezuela, the Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, in a statement sent from Kenya, expresses his support for the Salesians in Venezuela and the Venezuelan people. In a fraternal message he says, "You are not alone. We, in the different parts of the Salesian world, are worried about you. We are attentive to what you are experiencing and well aware of everything that happens to you.

          "Below is the text of the message:

          I am on a visit these days to the Salesian work in Kakuma (Kenya), where my Salesian confreres have been living for years in the United Nations refugee camp, sharing the lives and the fate of these 150,000 people. Our simple vocational school helps young people to learn a job for when they leave the camp. They are mostly young people and families from South Sudan, Rwanda, Congo and other countries. They have come here, to this place in the north of Kenya, and they continue to come, fleeing conflict in their own countries, the lack of security, the instability in their villages and the hunger that these situations create.

          In this context, I have seen the video recorded personally by Fr Francisco Méndez, Superior of the Salesian Province of Venezuela, in which he states that he had to make this video because he felt in his conscience that he could not remain silent.

          With these words of mine, I want to express fully my total support for Fr Francisco Méndez and all my Salesian confreres in Venezuela, and also my total support for the great Salesian Family in Venezuela.

          As Superior General of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the world, I want to tell Fr Francisco and my confreres, that we are with you, we are by your side. We can sense the pain you feel and the tiredness you are experiencing. For a long time, we have been praying for this beautiful country and its good people. We have prayed for the dead of recent weeks, some of them close to the Salesian work.

          Today I want to express our affection and our support and help. I want to say to Fr Francisco and to the Salesians and the Salesian Family in Venezuela, that you are not alone, and that from various parts of the Salesian world we care for you, we are attentive to what you are experiencing and well aware of all that happens to you. Today we are close to you more than ever.

          I pray for all of you and for your people that you may have Peace, that Peace that is possible always and everywhere in the world only if it comes from the hand of Justice and Respect for the most inviolable human rights of each person.

          And I ask the Good God to give you that inner and spiritual strength that comes from Him.

          With true affection,

          Fr Ángel Fernández A., SDB

          Rector Major

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          • Kenya – The Rector Major’s day in Makuyu
            Kenya – The Rector Major’s day in Makuyu

            (ANS – Makuyu) – On 26th April, 2017 the Rector Major went to Makuyu, about 80 kilometres from Nairobi. At the highway, about one kilometre from the Don Bosco Technical School and parish, the students and the youth lined up to receive the Rector Major. From there he was taken in procession to Don Bosco with the accompaniment of a brass band and singing youth. 

            by Fr Sebastian Koladiyil, SDB

            The successor of Don Bosco joined the youth in singing before the Mass, that was celebrated by the Regional Superior for Africa Fr. Americo Chaquisse. The Mass was well prepared with a lot of cultural expressions. The faith of the youth and the people gathered for the celebration was well expressed in their singing and dancing.

            After the Mass, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime joined the Salesian Family to listen to the young people and to talk to them. Various groups from different parts of Kenya presented the Rector Major with gifts and some of the groups made him part of their tribe by vesting him with their traditional dress. Then it was time for photos with different groups. 

            In the afternoon, the Rector Major visited the Salesian Sisters (FMA) who are in a compound next to that of the Salesians. There he was welcomed with singing and dancing and later the Rector Major gave them a talk and the sisters had a chance to ask questions. Here too he was vested with the traditional dress of the local people. After tea, the Rector Major and his team returned to Don Bosco for supper after which they returned to the provincial house in Nairobi. The day was tiring, but well spent.

            Many photos of the visit are available on ANSFlickr.

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