Bicentenary of Don Bosco's birth 1815-2015


“We are approaching the bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth, which will be celebrated on August 16, 2015. It is a very special event for us, for all the Salesian Family, and for the whole Salesian Movement, which requires an intense and profound process of preparation, so that it may prove fruitful for all of us, for the Church, for the young, and for society.” Read More

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  1. RMG - Don Adriano Bregolin has gone to the Father's House.
    RMG - Don Adriano Bregolin has gone to the Father's House.

    (ANS - Rome) - This morning, during a hike in the mountains, Fr Adriano Bregolin died of a sudden heart attack.

    Former Vicar General of the Salesian Congregation, Fr Adriano was currently serving as Director of the Salesian Institute of Florence.

    Don Bregolin, born at Cona in the Province of Venice on the 16th October 1948, became a Salesian on the 16th August 1966 after having made his novitiate at Albarè. He completed his theological studies at Verona and was ordained deacon at Trento on the 28th May 1977 and priest on the 27th May 1978.

    The first years of his ministry were given to pastoral and vocational work in the community of Trento and of Verona San Zeno, becoming Rector of both Salesian houses not many years after. Having obtained a Degree in Modern Letters in March 1980 at the University of Padua, Don Bregolin also took on the task of Councillor in the Province of Italia Veneta Ovest (IVO), becoming subsequently vice provincial for the three years 1988–1991.

    In May 1996 he became Provincial of the Province of Italia Veneta Ovest (IVO) until 2002 when, during the GC25 he was elected Councillor for the Italy Middle-East region. Following the nomination of Don Luc Van Looy as Bishop in the Diocese of Ghent, he was called by the Rector Major to take on the role of  Vicar General.

    Since 20 June, 2014, he was Director of the Salesian Institute in Florence.

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    • Chile - New incendiary attack against “Gratitud National” Church during student march
      Chile - New incendiary attack against “Gratitud National” Church during student march

      (ANS - Santiago) - A group of hooded men launched Molotov bombs against the Salesian “Gratitud National” Church. The fire, exploded on the entrance doors, was immediately extinguished without material damage or injury. "Last year, in June, the country's public opinion was shocked by the desolation this church succumbed," the Salesian Congregation said in a statement.

      The statement explains that "on the morning of Tuesday, August 22, the Church of “National Gratitude”, located at the intersection between Avenues Ricardo Cumming and Alameda, suffered another incendiary attack perpetrated by young people during an event organized by the Students of 'Liceo de Aplicacion'. "

      A few minutes after the end of Mass, at 8:05 pm, young people, faces covered and completely dressed in white, entered the wooden central doors launching Molotov bombs.

      The immediate reaction of the sacristan and the doorkeeper of the Alameda Salesian School saved the doors from catching fire, thereby preventing flames from spreading to the rest of the building.

      In just a few minutes, the local police, 'Carabineros', came to the site, helping to ensure its safety.

      This attack represents only the most recent attack suffered by the parish church in recent days, which include scratches, stones, etc., and is added to the list of serious attacks that some fear might escalate to the temple's total destruction.

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      • Malaysia - New work starts in Malaysia.
        Malaysia - New work starts in Malaysia.

        (ANS - Kuching) - On the Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady, and on the birthday of St. John Bosco, our father and founder, the important two-day meeting of the archbishop of Kuching, the most reverend Simon Poh, and the first Salesian missionaries for Malaysia, Fr Ramon Borja (Philippines), Fr Andre Belo (Timor Leste) and Bro Manuel Ruperez (Spain), met to celebrate the creation of an educational institution in the archdiocese to be managed by the Salesians, which becomes the country's first Salesian presence.

        Along with them were Mr. Gerald Lee Leong Ai, managing director of the private school of St. Joseph Berhad, and Mr Christopher Chua Boon Hua, director of the private St. Joseph's Secondary School. The archbishop's delegate shall direct this project.

        The educational institute entrusted to the Salesians will be located near Kuching, in a district called Samarahan (on ten hectares of land) with the name of 'St.Joseph's College', and is reserved for students over the age of 17. The brand of the Kuching archdiocese schools will facilitate all the necessary legal processes. The Archdiocese is currently governor of three major schools (St. Joseph Primary, Secondary, and International). The College of St. Joseph shall be the fourth.

        At this first meeting of the three SDB communities with Archbishop Simon Poh, the departments the College is considering offering are: education and teacher training, agricultural courses, technical training courses (electrical, car-mechanics, culinary art, cleaning, etc.

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        • Italy - Seventy Years of Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco
          Italy - Seventy Years of Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco

          (ANS - Rome) - In 2018, the “Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco”, or Don Bosco's Youth Burgh, will celebrate 70 years since its foundation, a very important milestone for the entire Salesian family and, especially, for youngsters from the eastern districts of Rome. During these seventy years of activity, the Borgo has accompanied young people through the many social, cultural and technological changes that have radically altered these past few decades.

          The needs of young people are constantly in flux, and in recent years technology has given a boost to social and cultural changes. The structure of the family has changed as have our modes of communicating, traveling and socializing. Young people's needs and questions are different, and it would be unthinkable to be in their service without taking into account such radical changes.

          For this reason, Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco is constantly undergoing transformation, and during this 70th anniversary some structural changes will be made in order to give an effective response to the new needs of young people.

          In recent months, there have already been two fundamental novelties: the birth of the semi-residential community in the "Rimettere le Ali" area, or re-putting on wing, the answer to a missing link of tools to support and prevent teenage malaise or alienation, and the inauguration of the "Food & Restaurant Industry" Vocational Training Center whose objective is to offer greater job opportunities.

          In the wake of the ongoing changes, Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco is also considering the possibility of a restyling, or a rethinking, of the spaces needed to carry out its daily activities. Some of these changes being considered are creating: an enclosed structure to accommodate all of our sports activities, currently located among the area's various gyms; a redevelopment of the various spaces of the Borgo, or burgh, to offer families new spaces for aggregation spaces; increasing artistic activities, such as music and theater.

          Since 1948, the Don Bosco Youth Burgh has grown and evolves alongside the children of Rome, to serve them and accompany them as they grow.

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          • Guatemala - Don Bosco Center, a true educational revolution in its 35-year history
            Guatemala - Don Bosco Center, a true educational revolution in its 35-year history

            (ANS - San Pedro Carchá) - San Pedro Carchá is about 200 km from the north of Guatemala. On May 18, 1935, the Salesians arrived and the local Church assigned them challenging pastoral work in the midst of a large population which was distributed across an inaccessible and extremely poor territory. In the years that followed, they founded the "Don Bosco Center", and now a thousand young Indians have celebrated the 35th anniversary of its foundation.

            The "Don Bosco Center" is located in Tzacanihá, near San Pedro Carcha, and is the Center that welcomes the children and young people of Raxruhá and the nearby city of Chamelco.

            Fr Antonio De Groot, SDB, founder and promoter of this great educational project, organized this 35th anniversary celebration with the support of his nascent Indigenous religious congregation, "The Missionaries of Christ the Good Shepherd" and a large group of collaborators.

            For three days, the thousands of young people staying in the "Don Bosco Center" lived and shared Salesian happiness with music, theater, sports, fashion shows and walks: everything ended with a Eucharistic celebration.

            The start of this educational adventure has an almost perfect parallel with the well-known anecdote of Don Bosco's encounter with Bartolomeo Garelli. Fr Antonio lived and worked in Raxruhá, a remote area at the edge of the forest that was almost inaccessible and with no basic services. One day, a young Indian asked him if he could visit his home to learn how to read and write. Shortly thereafter, a second young man joined him, then a third, and soon a small group formed.

            As the group enlarged, elementary structures also began to emerge. Thirty-five years later, the Don Bosco Center features beautiful and functional buildings, green areas, all characterized by cleanliness and order.

            In the geographical area wherein the "Centro Don Bosco" project has been operating, the center has represented a true educational revolution. It has demonstrated the young Indians' intelligence and attentiveness, their great desire to learn, and their boundless energy. It is pleasantly surprising to learn that many students, succeeding in graduating from the Don Bosco Center to the University, now work as much-respected professionals.

            If someone today were to try imagining the Valdocco Oratory in the days of Don Bosco, it would be enough to take a trip to San Pedro Carca!

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